Double E is a portable battery concept designed for office environment, or outdoor camping and emergency situations. It is a combination of a portable battery and a mini power generator. From the environmentally friendly and sustainability aspects, the battery can transfer consciously and unconsciously movements into electricity. It reminds people the energy saving awareness. Enjoy and Have fun!




Based on simplicity style, a tip of vintage element is blended inside of the appearance. The top material is scratched steel, which applies more feelings and emotions into the simplicity of the appearance development.


Double E can be charged by micro-usb and hand shake. Logic board, electronic components, LEDs are hidden inside of the metal block.

Fake-door Testing

Critical Reviews

"The Size is probably slightly bigger to fit my hands."

"I personally do not like the convex additional bar design."

"How much power can it possibly generate?"

"The design style is too masculine for me to use."

Move Forward

Fully functional model

More Testings

GA and manufacture ability

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