Portable Heated Blanket

The product is an electric heated blanket connected to power sources by a USB cable.The idea came from the huge day-night temperature difference and the cold AC offices in California. People here needs to carry an extra jacket or blanket for extra warmness, which are all too large for portability. Most of the heated blankets on the market are wired to the wall. They are heavy, with huge adapter, hard to wash, and lack of design.



The material was carefully chosen from high quality velvet. It is extremely soft and warm, which creates a great experience while touching your skin.



The product is built with a customized, contemporary style, mixed stripe pattern. It is not only approaching a visual asthetic, but also creating a tactile perception of coziness. Beside of the appearance, after the factory prototype learning, it is also the best material-saving solution.


Wrap and go! The blanket can be easily carried around in a varies of scenarios.


Hook it on your neck and make it secure.


Carbon Fiber 

Heating Panel

-Weaved-in carbon fiber panel

-Heats up within seconds

-Safe and touchable heating source

Carbon fiber heating panel is one of the most reliable heating methods in the market. It is featured with low voltage, safety, and high efficiency. It is durable, flexible, and can be machine washed and tumble dried.